Barrel Top Bar Hive
January 2, 2009, 12:46 am
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Also known as the Catenary Hive. I am interested in these hives, and I would like to build one myself. Here are some links that inspired me:
Catenary Hive
I started a topic about building one in the BioBees Forum And I found another topic.
Here are some more I found:
Round Hive-BeeSource
Catenary Bee Hive

So what I have concluded this all down to is this:

  • Using Cardboard Fiber Barrels is my best bet. (Plastic is not perfered by the bees, they will abscond.)
  • I will need to water-proof the barrel with straight, melted wax; inside and out.
  • I will need to use wooden bars along the cut edge to support that top bars.
  • I am probably the first person trying this out in New York!  I hope it works out well!

Here is a little diagram I drew: (I couldn’t get it right side up for some reason)

Barrel TBHIf anyone has any suggestions, idea or experience with the barrel TBH, please do tell me! Thanks.


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Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by! Love your blog! Best of luck with your bees this spring! Love your diagram. I’ve never seen a TBH…

Comment by beegirl211

I would rethink your use of cardboard fiber barrel as it will not hold up well, unless you seal it both inside and outside, at which point you might as well use plastic. BTW, I have had no issues with bees and plastic, and in fact have had swarms move into plastic enclosures on their own accord, so they can’t be too opposed to it. You could also use a wood barrel, but that would be heavy and more costly.

Can’t post an image, but here is a link to a photo of a sonatube (cardboard) swarm trap that had bees in it for about a month and it became all soft and they chewed holes thru it.

I guess I can’t post a link either. You’ll have to trust me on the cardboard tube and bees.

Your not the first in NY to try this, I’m also in NY 😉

Best of luck….

Comment by Robo

Comment by Robo

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